AERON® is a well-known brand in the global marine and offshore industry. Since 1979, we have developed an AERON® high quality product range, specially designed for shipboard and offshore environments. AERON® HVAC+R products are designed to ensure optimal climate solutions for passengers, personnel, cargo, machinery and instruments aboard modern passenger ships.

AERON® Brand

The name AERON is the Greek word for air. Air is the base element in all HVAC-R Systems. The AERON logotype is a composition of arrows who symbolize the process of putting a multiplicity of HVAC-R products together. These different bits transforms into a complete HVAC-R system. The arrows in the logotype forms a star who symbolizes the high quality of the AERON HVAC-R Products. The AERON brand name is the customer’s guarantee for the quality that goes into every single product.

Multi brand equipment

We complete our product range with products from other well-known suppliers, in order to give our customers the optimal solutions and fulfil our customers’ requirements. We select equipment that is right for the application and the environment where the asset will be placed. You will find more information in our standard product catalogue.

AERON Product Catalogue