Our Building & Industry department is serving our regional landbased market with all kind of ventilation and air-conditioning systems, for both newbuilding’s, maintenance and modification of existing buildings, industries and Onshore Projects.

We are the leading HVAC-R supplier in our region in southern part of Norway. We have a comprehensive reference list containing most kind of projects. Among our references, you will find Hotels, Offices, Schools, Industrial buildings, Workshops, Shopping Centre, large Onshore projects and much more.

We are continuously developing smart and energy efficient solutions for HVAC Systems in land based buildings. In close collaborations with the owner, architects and main contractors, we may design an optimal solution for your new building.

We have a wide experience and a large team of service technicians, ready to assist you with all kind of maintenance and modifications of your HVAC-R Systems. We may advise you with energy efficient HVAC-R solutions maintain preventive maintenance or take care of all items related to modifications and upgrading of your existing HVAC-R Systems.

Smarter, more energy-efficient technical solutions for building and industry

We offers advice and implementation of reliable solutions that give our customers significant cost reductions and reduced environmental impact.

We may help to reduce your energy use. All our energy efficiency proposals are also profitable investments. The savings that result from the implemented measures provide our customers with a return on investment before the end of the lifespan of the measure. Energy efficiency is profitable from the start.


We may work with existing buildings; we analyze the energy savings potential and make recommendations for measures that reduce energy consumption by at least 20%.

Measures that are implemented after such an analysis will also potentially improve the environmental profile of the building's energy consumption, for example from an F classification to a C classification. This is what we call a Blue Environmental Effect: it provides a return on investment both for the customer's bottom line and for the environment.

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