Central approvals

Since AF AeronMollier is an approved company, we saves our customers considerable time when we applies for local approval as a responsible entrepreneur in our projects.

Central Approval is not compulsory for construction companies but a strong advantage. In order to perform certain construction works in Norway, an undertaking needs to apply for local authorization. This application needs to be repeated for every single project. An undertaking can apply for central approval, that implies that applicants must have relevant practice and education in addition to a quality management system. A certificate of approval is granted to those companies that can document their competence accordingly. The certificate serves as an indication for what the companies are qualified to do in a construction projects for landbased buildings in Norway.

AF AeronMollier meets the requirements in the following areas of approval:

  • Design of ventilation and climate installations in class 2
  • Execution of ventilation and climate installations in class 2.