Energy Efficient Solutions and AERS


Blue Environmental Effect

Most people would agree that it is important to protect the environment, and there is an increasing focus on “green ships”. We believe that even more investments in green solutions would be made, if these were also cost effective. A good indoor climate improves wellbeing and productivity, and prolongs the lifetime of the technical equipment. The passengers has high expectations of comfort, safety and reliability both when sailing in the tropics or in cold climates. The HVAC System is one of the main consumers of generated energy on a modern vessel, and a major driver of operating cost. Energy efficient solutions is therefore increasingly important, especially within in living quarters and the passenger areas. Our commitment is to provide smart and energy efficient HVAC Systems that will benefit both our customers’ investments and the environment even with the most demanding global comfort and safety requirements. We call it the Blue Environmental Effect.

References AERS

We have a numerous numbers of Electric Driven ships where we have delivered our AERON Energy Recovery System - AERS with great success. References are available upon request. The AERS have been delivered to several customers both for newbuilding's and conversions.

One of the ships that has finished a conversion from LNG to Bio Fuel and Battery operation, is the Ferry "Kongen". This is one of three ferries that operates from the centre of Oslo to Nesodden in Norway.

Here you may read more about the project in general:  
Norled first electric Nesodden boat in place in Oslo - Norway

Here you may see a short AERON video with further information about the AERS project.
AERS Systems at Kongen - Nesodden Ferry in Oslo - Norway  

 Aeron Energy Recovery System - AERS

From Diesel engines to Hybrid and electric driven vessels with ZERO EMISSION. In the coming years we will be faced with new and stricter regulations for emissions to air and sea. In Norway, the Government has decided that all new Ferries shall be electric driven, and the world heritage fjords shall be totally free of emissions from tourist ships by 2026.

We in AERON believe that this is just the start, and that such requirements will increase in several countries in the years to come. This requires new modern Zero emission electric driven ships or hybrid ships that may be electric driven when this is required. The ships will still need Engines, Power, Heating, Cooling & Ventilation, and the guest will still need a comfortable indoor climate. The focus on Energy Efficient Solutions will increase and we in AERON has created a green vision for the shipping future – The feeling of fresh air. We have developed the AERON Energy Recovery System – AERS. The heart of this system is one or more water to water Heating Pumps, that use both the warm side for heating and the cold side for cooling when this is required.

For Heating purpose, the AERON AERS System first use all possible free energy from technical equipment onboard the vessel and accumulate this in water tanks. When this is not enough the heat pump will start and use as much “free” energy from the sea as possible before the heat pump start.

For Cooling purpose, the AERON AERS system first utilize the free energy from the cold water in the sea, and when required, the heat pump will start and produce more cold water that will be used for Air Conditioning and cooling of accommodation and technical rooms & equipment. The AERON AERS system will distribute the warm and cold water around in the whole vessel to the different heating and cooling consumers around the vessel. The AERON Automation System will monitor and control the complete AERS system in order to give an extreme Energy Efficient Solution that require much less power than traditional ships.

We also offer our own made AERON Connect system so we can monitor and control the AERS System from our office in Norway, and assist you online on short notice. One of the benefit with the AERON AERS System is that all the systems is made by AERON and we make everything operate well together with all the knowledge inhouse. The AERON AERS System can be delivered both for new buildings and also be retrofitted into existing vessels, letting you start cutting costs and emissions in no time.

AERON AERS – Utilizing Free Energy

See video of Aeron Energy Recovery System - AERS:   

Aeron Energy Recovery System - AERS