Tool handling machine

AFOM has delivered a handling machine for riser tools on Snorre A drilling platform. The purpose of the machine is to handle a Weatherford tong and a flange-handling tool from Bandak. The tools are picked up from the deck and brought into operating position in the well center.

Customer: Odfjell


Dolly for top-drive

Design and production of Top-drive Dolly (2 pcs) for Cameron.

Customer: Cameron


Bridge racker

AFOM has completed a project with a prototype for Cameron. Based on AFOM experience, designing a bridge racker as a collaborative project between engineers at Cameron and engineers at AFOM in customers design tool. We built the steel, assembly work (mech/hyd/el) and performed full-scale test in the company's workshop.

Customer: Cameron

Gantry crane

AFOM designed in customers design tool, produced and assembled the gantry crane to Snorre B for Aker MH. It was also performed a full-scale test in our workshop facilities. To perform the test there was built a rail track and a pipe deck model. A temporary pipe chute and shuttle (catwalk) was used for testing the crane’s interface.

Customer: Aker MH