The crane is an electro-hydraulically operated folding crane with inner and outer boom and four telescopic boxes on the outer boom. The crane is equipped with three different lifting capabilities; left and right 3.5 T auxiliary winches and a fixed 10T lifting eye on the tip of the outer boom. Total lift capacity is 17T, but is limited in accordance with telescope position and tilt of the inner and outer boom.

Operation is from radio operator panel and directly on the hydraulic valve for emergency operation.

Crane body to the specific deliverables were provided by Heila and was adapted and equipped for use on the Norwegian shelf by AF Offshore Mandal. The crane is used to "Wireline operation" where wireline cable runs over wire sheave attached to the lifting eye. It is also used to manage wireline equipment and tools using the two winches.

The control cabinet with Simatic S7 PLC placed in the safe zone.

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