Johan Sverdrup Oil Field, Photo Statoil

HVAC deliveries to Johan Sverdrup according to plan

In May 2015 AF Offshore AeronMollier signed a comprehensive contract with Statoil for deliveries of HVAC equipment to Johan Sverdrup oil field. The contract includes deliveries to four new platforms and has an estimated value of MNOK 250. This is actually the largest single contract for supply of HVAC equipment ever awarded on the Norwegian continental shelf, says Project Director Øystein Lobekk, responsible for our deliveries to Johan Sverdrup.

We received the first orders in July 2015 and totally, we have now received orders for over 60 ventilation units where the largest are over 16 tons and large quantities of other equipment.
These units comprises approximately 75% of the total contract value and is technically the most demanding part of the deliveries. Therefore, we have a considerable focus to ensure that these products are delivered within budget and on schedule. Even with tight delivery schedules and tight deadlines, this has gone well up to now, and we have already delivered all units to the Drilling Platform (DP) and the Riser Platform (RP). This represents approximately 40% of the aggregate deliveries. The equipment is now shipped to Korea, Thailand and shipyards in Norway, Lobekk says.

Although deliveries have gone well so far, there is no reason to rest on our laurels as the next 40% of the units will be completed and delivered within the next three months. The remaining units will be delivered to Apply Leirvik in spring 2017 and it will hopefully be regarded as a charmer leg tells a smiling Lobekk.

In addition to the major aggregate deliveries, we have recently also received extensive bulk deliveries with smaller ventilation components to all four platforms. Typical of these are large amounts of components where most of them will be delivered during 2016. We have already prepared our subcontractors for a large volum of deliveries, so they shall be well prepared to deal with this. This together with close control of the upcoming production, will ensure that these next shipments will also be delivered as planned, says Lobekk.

Many skilled workers in AF Offshore AeronMollier, and a number of employees of solid subcontractors, has laid down a good piece of work to ensure delivery on schedule. It is therefore gratifying to receive feedback from our customers that they are very pleased with our deliveries so far. Our customer has told us that that we are one of few suppliers who so far has delivered on time without defects, says Sverre Torjusen, Director of Offshore Installations in AF Offshore AeronMollier.

Packing of finished aggregate before transportation

Air Handling Unit for Thailand – Weight 15 tons

Air Handling Unit for Drilling Platform