BOP Crane Sleipner A

AFOM performed a condition assessment, followed by a repair and overhaul job of a BOP crane on Sleipner A

After repair and overhaul of the crane AFOM performed the complete installation and testing offshore with assistance from Odfjell.

Customer: Odfjell


BOP crane Statfjord C

AFOM performed overhaul of BOP crane on Statfjord C

The crane was dismantled offshore, and shipped onshore for inspection. Based on the inspection report AFOM and Statoil crane department decided what scope of work to be executed.

AFOM conducted an offshore conversion of the BOP crane on Statfjord C. The crane was converted from manual pilot control to radio remote control. The job consisted of engineering, procurement, pre-fabrication and split testing onshore. Offshore work consisted of dismantling the old equipment, installation of new, MC and commissioning.

Customer:    Archer


Overhaul of pipe handling machines

AFOM has had a lot of overhaul projects of many different types of pipe handling machines.

Customer: Aker MH