AF AeronMollier Profile & Logo

This instruction is just for our AERON brand for HVAC-R Products. For the logo of our company AF AeronMollier, please contact us at

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The AERON logo is our visual symbol and brand of our HVAC-R Products. The AERON logo is a registered trademark, and may not be used without a written permission from AF AeronMollier. All rights reserved. When the logo is used, the guidelines below has to be fulfilled.

Logo Guidelines

The AERON logo is available in two different layouts: horizontal and vertical. Each layout version is available in four different color options: color, negative, black and white. The logo may be used as AERON alone or with HVAC-Products included in the logo.

The full color logo on a white background is the preferred option and should be used wherever possible to maximize recognition, association and memorability. 

The horizontal logo (star to the left of the name) and the vertical logo (star on top of name) may be used so it fits the object in the best possible way to make the logo as large and visual as possible.


The AERON logo consists of an star icon and the name together and is the brand of our quality HVAC-R Products specially developed for Marine & Offshore applications. It is the unifying symbol for our AERON products, so it is important that it is used in a consistent manner and are of the highest quality.

Sizing and scaling

The logo must never be distorted. The aspect ratio (the ratio of height to width) must always remain the same.

Clear space and positioning

The logo must always be clear, visible and distinct from other design elements. here must be adequate clear space around the logo to ensure it is properly presented and that the background does not detract from its distinctness or legibility. The logo should never be used as part of text or in direct combination with text or any other graphic elements.

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The colors is an important part of our visual branding. Always use the correct colors values as shown here.

Our main color is the blue color in our logo, that might be used both positive with blue logo or in negative with blue background and white color.  From 2015, the former orange color is no longer used by AERON.

Please note that some screens and projectors are poor at displaying colors and users’ PCs may not be properly calibrated. This can result in colors being presented differently to what is intended. Therefore please check the equipment as far as possible to ensure that Aeron colors always appear to their best advantage.

AERON Typography

Typography is an important part of our visual branding and, as with other graphical elements, consistent use of a small number of selected fonts will help to reinforce our brand identity.

Brand font

The font to be used in printed matter for marketing and branding (e.g. brochures, advertisements, annual reports, etc.) is Myriad Pro. All weights and variations of the font may be used. The business unit signatures have been produced using a combination of Myriad Pro light and Myriad Pro bold. However, original files must always be used to ensure that the letter spacing and overall appearance are correct. Myriad Pro is very common in the graphical industry. The fonts Arial and Georgia should be used for electronic printed matter, templates, presentations and internal communications unless the Design Manual says otherwise.

PC font & Print

Times New Roman or Georgia should be used for the text in letters and is particularly well suited for long texts, for example in reports. Arial can be used for headings, standfirsts (introductory texts) and subheadings, but is less suitable for long texts for reasons of legibility.

Times New Roman, Georgia and Arial are standard on all PCs with the Windows operating system and in Mac OS. They are therefore readily accessible, but should primarily be used internally for electronic documents and screen-based presentations.

Web font and HMI – Human Machine Interface (ex: PLC)

ARIAL is our preferred font for web and HMI. Arial should be used for all text on the Internet and HMI. This will ensure good legibility for visitors to and