Our mission is to create value through future-oriented contracting, energy and environmental operations with an uncompromising attitude towards safety and ethics.

HSE - Health, Safety and Environment

In the marine and offshore industry, HSE is a major focus area. HSE and QA is an integrated part of our working methods and routines. It is a requirement at AF that all work must be performed such that the safety and health of those who are involved are looked after in a satisfactory manner. This is an obligation of our managers, employees and subcontractors. We base our philosophy on the precondition that all work must be planned and carried out such a way that no damage occurs to people, machines or environment.

Our management system integrates health, safety and environment (HSE) in all processes. The system is constructed in accordance with the principles in the ISO standards 9001, 9004 and 14001. HSE work is extremely central in the development of managers and employees.

Preventive work is fundamental in order for us to be successful with HSE in our projects. Job Analysis and Safe Job Analysis (SJA) are tools that we use to survey the risks with respect to the HSE and in order to plan production in the safest and most appropriate manner. Through participation in SJA, everyone becomes aware of their tasks and the risks associated with such.

Quality Assurance

The Group policy defines quality as one of the elements in AF Gruppen operational strategy. AF AeronMollier AS is focusing on a good reputation, created by satisfied customers. Therefore, a well-functioning handed over system with correct standards is our understanding of the word quality. Our ambition is that every plant/ system we deliver, shall comply with our customers’ specification.

When doing a job, we understand both the risks and opportunities involved and know how to manage them. We take pride in delivering as we promise. From the very start of the engineering process, quality is a key word during the whole process of any project. AF complies with relevant standards and authorities for the market segments and geographical locations in which we operate.

The management system of AF AeronMollier is certified by Det Norske Veritas – DNV according to ISO 9001:2015.