Traverse cranes and various equipment

C-study of 15 Electrical Operated Traverse cranes and various equipment on on Gullfaks A & C and on loading buoy

AFOM has performed an evaluation of the condition and maintenance need on 7 EOT (Electrical Overhead Traverse)-cranes on Gullfaks A (GFA) and 8 EOT-cranes on Gullfaks C (GFC). In addition, AFOM performed an evaluation of the condition and maintenance need of one diesel generator and 3 winches mounted on the loading buoys SPM1 and SPM2 (Gullfaks field). The study was submitted in accordance to the Statoil document "Design Basis and Technical / administrative requirements", TR1244 for C studies as 3 reports. One for the GFA, one for the GFC and one for SPM1 / 2. The reports describe the measures and solutions that has to be implemented to get all the equipment up to date and to maintain operational until the end of 2030.

Customer: Statoil


Deck modification - Top side

D-study on decommissioning, construction and modification on the “Schlumberger deck” on Gullfaks C

AFOM performed a D-study where the topic was removal of an electric overhead travelling crane and modification of the Schlumberger deck structure. The intention was to be able to use the deck crane for supporting cargo handling in one of the shafts at the Gullfaks C platform.

AFOM found a solution based on the requirements from the logistic organization onboard which mainly where safe cargo handling with the deck crane in shaft. At the same time the requests from the drilling organization and Aker Well were implemented as good as possible in the solution. Mainly the requirements was to keep the strength in deck after the modification, enough space available for Wire Line operations and fixing points for the Wire Line unit against the deck structure.

Customer: Statoil


Tool handling machine

AFOM have performed a C-study for a tool handling machine on the Snorre A platform

The study was delivered according to Statoil document "DesignBasis and technical/administrative requirements", TR1244 for C-studies. The scope of this study was to prepare a report which formed the basis for the production of the tool handling machine.

Customer: Statoil


Lifting of goods

Lifting Appliance for lifting of goods

AFOM has performed a study for a lifting appliance for transportation of materials between two levels on Ekofisk B. The area was very tight and the focus was to be able to position an elevator shaft at wanted location.

Customer: Aibel