One of our specialties are to design handling and lifting solutions according to customer needs and requirements. We make a solution that fits your need for material handling, pipe handling or other for hazardous or non-hazardous area.

Lifting appliance for lifting of goods

Lifting appliance for transportation of goods from one level to another. The size and capacity is scalable.

Lifting appliance redundant lift for High Risk Operation

The lifting device comprises a double winch system (Dual winch with dual suspension) where each winch has the capacity to take the full load if one should fail. In normal operation, winches are driven synchronous and each winch takes half the load.

The lifting device is operated entirely from radio controlled operator station to ensure the operational safety. Operator station is equipped with the necessary features, load sensing and superior alarms with readings in the text of safety-related parts of the control system.

The Lifting appliance has a performance level PL e (SIL 3) according to EN 13849-1 (Safety of machinery, Safety-related parts of CS).

Low headroom chain hoist

The hoist have low head room and is able to be easily split and re-assembled from underneath the monorail for easy removal for storage when not in use. The equipment does not need recertification after each split/reassembly.

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